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Why can't I Cash Out my bet?

Cash Out is an additional product offered by Sportsbet that can be unavailable at times for a few different reasons, but is ultimately at Sportsbet's discretion. 

Cash Out is only available during event(s) if it was offered when you placed the bet and it is being traded live. You'll need to make sure you see the Cash Out Symbol mceclip2.png on your bets before placing if you want to have the option to Cash Out!


Cash Out may become unavailable if the market or event has:

  • Been suspended by our trading team during play
  • Been suspended by our trading team before play
  • Resulted, but not yet settled
  • Made unavailable for betting - This generally happens towards the end of a game, if a game is extremely tight or if a game is heavily one sided!


Here are some common examples of where Cash Out may be unavailable:

  1. When at least on leg of your Multi Bet was placed live - In a 5 leg multi, if the 4th leg has been resulted but not settled, Cash Out won't be available even if there is still one more leg to go. As soon as the 4th leg has been settled, Cash Out should become available again.
  2. Head to Head bet without Live Odds - If you placed your bet before the event, but the event/market isn't being traded live (meaning we aren't taking live bets), you won't be able to Cash Out once the event begins
  3. One leg isn't eligible for Cash Out - If you've placed a multi but included any leg that wasn't eligible for Cash Out (e.g. a Racing Bet), it will mean the whole multi is ineligible for Cash Out! Even if that event has finished and all legs remaining are live legs with Cash Out, your bet will not be eligible
  4. No Live Trading/Odds - If there's only a few minutes left of the game, it's extremely close, or one team is winning by a considerable margin, we'll generally stop trading the game live, meaning there's no live odds for bets being accepted and you will not be able to Cash Out.
  5. Bonus Bet Stake - If you have placed your bet using a bonus bet as the stake, you will not be able to use the cash out product (Unless it's an AFL Same Game Multi!)
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