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How do I get a statement?

From the 31st of July 2022 customers will receive a monthly activity statement sent out to their email linked to their account if their account has been actively used.

Please note, if you have not used your account you will not receive monthly activity statements for the relevant month.

Otherwise you can request a statement at anytime through our Customer Service team.

You will need to be on the latest version of the Sportsbet App to view your activity statements in App.


Can I generate a statement myself for another time range?

Our customer service team will be able to provide you a statement for any other time range you would like. Unfortunately only monthly statements are able to be obtained yourself through the Sportsbet App or Website


Can I have my statement sent to another email?

Your activity statement is only able to be sent to the email linked to your account. If you need it sent elsewhere you will need to update the email on your Sportsbet account with our Customer Service team over the phone.

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