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What is an Activity Statement?

An activity statement is a PDF document you can request from Sportsbet which details your previous transaction history and betting history for your personal account. It contains your transaction details including dates, times, descriptions, odds, account balance and any win/loss information for a certain period.



How do I get a statement?

From the 31st of July 2022 customers will receive a monthly activity statement sent out to their email linked to their account if their account has been actively used.

Please note, if you have not used your account you will not receive monthly activity statements for the relevant month.

Otherwise you can request a statement at anytime through our Customer Service team.

You will need to be on the latest version of the Sportsbet App to view your activity statements in App.

Can I opt out of receiving Monthly Activity Statements?

Due to government regulations, you will not be able to unsubscribe from Monthly Activity Statements. We are required to provide all active customers a monthly statement including their betting activity and transactions. 

How do I interpret my Activity Statement - Summary Information?

  1. Opening Balance: Your Opening Balance as at 12:00AM at the start of your Activity Statement period
  2. Deposits: The sum of all successful deposits for the period
  3. Withdrawals: The sum of all successful withdrawals for the period (any cancelled withdrawals will not be included in this amount).
  4. Manual Adjustments: The sum of all manual adjustments for the period. Manual adjustments are where Sportsbet has had to adjust your account due to rejected payments, processing errors and other issues.
  5. Closing Balance: Your Closing Balance as at 11:59PM at the end of your Activity Statement period.



How do I interpret my Activity Statement - Betting Activity Information?

  1. You Spent: The sum of all stakes for the period (This is based on the bet placement date). The amount includes bets placed using Bonus Bets and does not include any voided/cancelled bets.
  2. You Won: The sum of all bets settled as a win for the period (This is based on the date the bet is settled and not the date the bet was placed). This amount includes your stake value.
  3. You Lost: The sum of all bets settled as a loss for the period (This is based on the date the bet is settled and not the date the bet was placed). Any losses from Bonus Bets are represented as 0.
  4. Net Result: This is the difference between the amount You Won and You Lost for the period.
    Note: You Won includes your stake value


Can I have my statement sent to another email?

Your activity statement is only able to be sent to the email linked to your account. If you need it sent elsewhere you will need to update the email on your Sportsbet account with our Customer Service team over the phone.

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