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What is an Activity Statement?

What is an activity statement?

An activity statement is a PDF document you can request from Sportsbet which details your previous transaction history and betting history for your personal account. It contains your transaction details including dates, times, descriptions, odds, account balance and any win/loss information for a certain period.

How do I read my activity statement?

Your activity statement will detail all your transactions in chronological order beginning on the date that the statement commences and ending on the date that the statement concludes.


What is the difference between an activity statement and the betting history and transaction history available online?

Activity statements are provided in PDF format upon request and detail both your betting history and transaction history for a period that you choose.

Betting history and transaction history are updated in real-time and are available for you to access at any point in time from the app or website. Betting history contains your pending and resulted bets which have been made from your personal account. Transaction history contains any deposits, withdrawals, transfers, wins or losses from your personal account.

Note that you can also access your betting history or transaction history from your BwM group. Simply navigate across to your BwM group and click on ‘My Account’.


To access your transaction history, see

To access your betting history, see

How do I request an activity statement?

To request an activity statement for a certain period, please get in contact with us via live chat or give us a call on 1800 990 907.

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