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What happens to Bonus Bets and Tokens once a group is closed? 

Please ensure that you use any bonus bets or tokens that are in your Bet With Mates group before either closing or leaving the group.   

After I click “start betting” my group still says “betting paused”, why is this? 

We are aware of an issue that affects some customers who wish to commence betting immediately after hitting start betting. If this occurs, simply close the app and restart. We are looking to resolve this as soon as possible.  

My group has started betting, but now I want to add someone else, can I do this? 

Unfortunately, this is not a current feature of the Bet With Mates product. If you want to add more mates to your Bet With Mates group, we suggest creating a new group with the additional members.  


I want to deposit more money into the group than everyone else, can I do this? 

The Bet With Mates product is set up to be equal money in, equal money out – in order to keep it really simple for all members. For members who wish to contribute more or less than others, unfortunately this feature is not available.  
Once I leave a group, can I still see the group’s activity?  

Once you leave, you'll no longer have access to the group's activity and betting history. If you leave a group for any reason, you won't be able to re-join, but you can always start a new group. 
Once I leave a group, can I still see my previous activity from when I was in the group?  

If you wish to view your activity from when you were previously in a Bet With Mates group, please contact our Customer Service team. 


I’m trying to deposit into my Bet With Mates group, but the funds go to my personal account, why is this? 

Any deposited funds will first go into your personal account. In order to deposit into your Bet With Mates group, the Admin will need to initiate a Top-Up. Once the Top-Up has been initiated, you can then go into the group home and transfer funds from your personal account. 


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