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How many groups can I start or join?

You can start or join up to 3 groups per day, and be a member of up to 10 groups at any one time. To join or start a new group after you've reached your limit, you must first leave a group you're currently a member of.


Can we set rules for our group?

Sportsbet do not set rules for group betting, but provide the platform and tools that you need. The Admin sets the Buy-In amount and the amount and timing of any Top Ups. Rules such as who bets, how much and when, are up to you and your Bet With Mates group to determine and manage. It is your group, and how you and your group choose to operate is the group's responsibility. Sportsbet are not be responsible for enforcing or managing the rules you set for your group.


How long can a group stay open?

A group can stay open as long as you like. If you've run out of funds in the group, the Admin can pause betting and call for a Top-Up. The admin can then re-commence the betting once everyone who wants to still remain part of the club has transferred their money.


I'm in a dispute with another member of my group, can Sportsbet help to resolve it?

Sportsbet's role is to provide the Bet With Mates functionality – your group decides how to use it. We suggest making any expectations of your members clear from the start, and document if necessary to avoid any misunderstandings.


Who can see my name and the group name?

Your Bet With Mates screen name ('Your Name') and the name of your group ('Group Name') are visible only to other members of your group. An Admin can choose the group name and rename the group at any time. Any member can change their own Bet With Mates screen name any time in Settings. Your Name does not need to match your real name or Sportsbet personal username. Sportsbet reserve the right to remove or alter names that may be offensive.


The Bet With Mates Social Contract

Importantly, it is solely the responsibility of the Group and its Members to decide, set and administer any particular Group betting protocols they see fit, including any betting limits imposed on Members (“Social Contract”). By using the Bet With Mates product, all Group Members acknowledge and agree that it is solely their responsibility to form the Social Contract in relation to the Group. The Group and/or Member(s) expressly acknowledge they have no recourse against Sportsbet nor the Northern Territory Racing Commission (and neither Sportsbet nor the Northern Territory Racing Commission will entertain or consider any complaint or dispute) in relation to any conduct by a Group Member which may be in breach of a Social Contract (including, without limitation, placing a bet, betting an amount in excess of any limit, or Cashing out a bet) on a Bet With Mates Group.  For the avoidance of any doubt, this condition 5 will apply whether or not a Group has agreed any Social Contract or not.

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