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How do I place a group bet?

Sign into your Sportsbet account and switch to your Bet With Mates group by clicking on the account balance to display the Quick Access Menu. Then select your market and choose your selection to add it to your Bet Slip. Bet as frequently as you like, on any event. Your bet amount can't exceed the current group balance. Check that you're betting from your intended group before confirming the bet.


Where can I see the group bets?

Select 'Our Bets' from your Bet With Mates account to see the entire group's Pending and Resulted bets. You can refresh your group Activity to see the latest bets, winning results and other updates. You'll lose access to these views immediately if you leave the group for any reason.


When can I place a bet?

Once the Admin opens group betting, any group member can place a bet at any time, except when betting is paused for a Top Up. The bet amount can't exceed the current group balance, or the Max Stake amount for each bet controlled by the Admin. It's up to your group to add rules on taking turns to bet, the frequency of bets, and limits on bet types or events if you wish. If introduced, these types of rules need to be managed outside of the Bet With Mates platform.


Is Cash Out offered on group bets?

Yes, where Cash Out is offered the icon will be displayed alongside the event on the Bet Slip. Any group member – not just the person who placed the bet – can choose to Cash Out. Please note, the name of the member who cashes out the bet is only visible within Our Bets and will not appear on the Activity Feed on the Group Home page. See our Cash Out FAQs for more detail on this feature. 


Is live betting available for Bet With Mates?

Currently live betting is not be available for Bet With Mates, but we're working to bring you this feature soon. 


I placed a bet from the wrong account by accident – can I change it?

It's important to check you're betting from your intended group or personal account before confirming. Once a bet is placed it's considered final and in almost all circumstances is unable to be cancelled or transferred to a different account.


Betting is paused. Why can't I bet?

Betting is paused to fairly allow all members to join the group initially, or transfer their Top Up to stay in the group. The Admin chooses when to start or resume betting.


Do maximum payout limits apply to Bet With Mates?

Yes, maximum payouts do apply to group betting, for any specific event or result. As the sum total group bet on an event may exceed the maximum payout stake, the bets placed by individual members may not notify the member that the maximum payout has been exceeded. If a win exceeds the maximum payout, the payout will be reduced to the maximum amount, and all excess bet amounts will be refunded to the group account.

The Bet With Mates Social Contract

Importantly, it is solely the responsibility of the Group and its Members to decide, set and administer any particular Group betting protocols they see fit, including any betting limits imposed on Members (“Social Contract”). By using the Bet With Mates product, all Group Members acknowledge and agree that it is solely their responsibility to form the Social Contract in relation to the Group. The Group and/or Member(s) expressly acknowledge they have no recourse against Sportsbet nor the Northern Territory Racing Commission (and neither Sportsbet nor the Northern Territory Racing Commission will entertain or consider any complaint or dispute) in relation to any conduct by a Group Member which may be in breach of a Social Contract (including, without limitation, placing a bet, betting an amount in excess of any limit, or Cashing out a bet) on a Bet With Mates Group.  For the avoidance of any doubt, this condition 5 will apply whether or not a Group has agreed any Social Contract or not.

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