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How does Bet With Mates work?

It's easy to start and fun to Bet With Mates. We take care of all the calculations for you. Simply gather your mates (2 or more people!), pool your funds and start betting. Any group member can bet any time, on any event. You're not locked in – anyone can leave with their share at any time. An Admin from your group sets the Buy-In amount, and chooses how much and how often to request an account Top Up.


Who sets group betting and other protocols?

Importantly, it’s the responsibility of you and your group to decide and oversee any particular group betting protocols including who can bet when and how much. This is the group “social contract”.  This includes any betting limits, rotations and all other things in relation to the group account including who can Cash-out a group bet. You don’t need any set routine or protocols but this is solely for the group to decide on.  See clause 5 of the product terms and conditions for more information on the Bet With Mates Social Contract (below).


How do I start a group?

To start your own private betting group, click on your balance to access the Quick Access Menu and select 'Start or join group'. Follow the prompts to set the Buy-In amount required to join the group, and invite your mates. Once you're satisfied your group members are final, click 'Start betting' to allow any group member to start placing bets. From this point, no new members can join the group (even if they've received an invite).


How do I invite mates to a group?

If you start a group you'll be prompted to invite mates to join by sending them the Join Code straight from your phone. This 6-digit code is unique to your group, does not change and is valid up until the group Admin chooses to start betting, or closes the group.
Anyone who receives the Join Code can invite another member simply by quoting the code to them. To join the group, the recipient will need to enter this code when they sign in to Sportsbet’s Bet With Mates. 

Can anyone join a group?

To join a group, you'll need a valid Join Code, and successfully transfer your Buy-In amount from your Sportsbet personal account to the group account. You must be over 18 and an Australian resident to create a Sportsbet account.

How do I switch between my personal and group accounts?

To switch between your personal and group accounts, open the Quick Access Menu by clicking on your balance at the top of the screen. From there you'll be able to select your personal account, or any groups you're a member of. You can also switch between accounts from the Bet Slip and My Bets.


What is a Top Up?

A Top Up is a transfer of funds from each current member's personal Sportsbet account into the group account. The timing and amount of a Top Up is set by an Admin and may vary on each occasion. The Top Up is an equal amount requested to each member at the same time, notified through their Bet With Mates Activity feed. Any member that hasn't transferred their Top Up when the Admin resumes group betting, will be automatically removed from the group.


The Bet With Mates Social Contract

Importantly, it is solely the responsibility of the Group and its Members to decide, set and administer any particular Group betting protocols they see fit, including any betting limits imposed on Members (“Social Contract”). By using the Bet With Mates product, all Group Members acknowledge and agree that it is solely their responsibility to form the Social Contract in relation to the Group. The Group and/or Member(s) expressly acknowledge they have no recourse against Sportsbet nor the Northern Territory Racing Commission (and neither Sportsbet nor the Northern Territory Racing Commission will entertain or consider any complaint or dispute) in relation to any conduct by a Group Member which may be in breach of a Social Contract (including, without limitation, placing a bet, betting an amount in excess of any limit, or Cashing out a bet) on a Bet With Mates Group.  For the avoidance of any doubt, this condition 5 will apply whether or not a Group has agreed any Social Contract or not.


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