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What will the winner of the Election be settled off?

Sportsbet settle the winner of the election as the winner of 270 electoral college votes at the 59th U.S. Presidential Election.

What if there is a 269/269 electoral college tie? What will happen to my bets?

As per our terms, in the event of a tie, or that no candidate receives the requisite 270 electoral votes to become President, the results will be settled on a vote of the United States’ House of Representatives as per the 12th Amendment of the Constitution. Faithless electors will not count.

What is the Popular vote?

Popular vote means the raw amount of votes a candidate gets in the whole country. For example, if 49 million people vote for candidate A, and 51 million vote for Candidate B, candidate B has won the popular vote by 2 million. The "national popular vote" is the sum of all the raw votes cast in the general election, nationwide.

What is the Electoral College vote?

Electoral college votes are how a candidate becomes president. Each state in America gets a certain amount of votes, and a presidential candidate needs 270 out of 538 electoral votes to win the Presidency.

For example, California gets 55 electoral votes, and in the state, if more people vote for one candidate than another, the candidate with the most votes wins California, and all 55 electoral votes. Each state has a certain amount of electoral votes depending on size and population.

How is a state settled?

Settlement of the winner of a state based off the winner (or projected winner) of the state’s electoral college votes.

When will the Final Voter Turnout number be known and when will the market be settled?

Voter turnout numbers may not be known for several days/weeks after Election Day. This is because it may take several days or weeks for states to count all votes (including mail ballots)

What is the difference between winning a state in the electoral college, a senator winning a state, a gubernatorial election, and a House election?

To become President, a presidential candidate must win 270 electoral votes. Electoral college votes are made up of states – each state has a certain number of votes depending on its size and population. Should Candidate A win the popular vote in a state, it wins the states electoral college votes.

Senate and House elections refer to the races for Senate occurring in several American states, and the House elections for the House of Representatives. These are congressional races, which occur concurrently with elections for President.

Gubernatorial elections refer to elections for a state’s Governor.

Why has my bet for state’s electoral college winner, or Congressional election already been settled?

Sportsbet will settle markets when they are confident on the race’s outcome. We use multiple sources of verification, including projected winners by major US news networks, candidate concessions, and Secretaries of State voting data respectively in determining settlement. Should you think there is a settlement error, please contact the customer service team.

How is the 'Closest State' defined?

‘Closest state’ is the state that is won by any Presidential candidate with by the smallest percentage margin. Dead heat rules apply.

Will Faithless Electors count in Electoral College Market settlement?

No. Faithless electors will not count in any market settlement.



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