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What is a Bet Return?

Bet Return gives you the chance get your stake (up to an eligible amount) returned in Bonus Bets if your eligible cash Fixed-Odds Win racing bet finishes in the selected positions specified for an applicable race. Allocated Bet Return tokens will be located in the My Account section of your Sportsbet profile.

Bet Returns are only available to be used:

  • On select Thoroughbred, Harness, and Greyhound Races;
  • On Fixed Odds Win Bets only, where the bet is placed on the day of the event (Darwin Time ACST);
  • Within the specified field size stated in the race offer;
  • Minimum of 8 runners for Thoroughbreds & Harness and minimum of 6 runners for Greyhounds;
  • With a maximum limit of one Bet Return used per race.

How do I use my Bet Returns?

It's as easy as adding an eligible selection to your Bet Slip and ensuring the Bet_Return_Grey.PNG button is enabled.

This is indicated by the Bet Return button being on and as solid blue (see below). For all advertised races we will auto opt this as on when you add your selection to the betslip.

View and select from your available Bet Returns and then Place your Bet (you will only use the Bet Return once you confirm your Bet).  If you don't want to use it for that selection, you can tap the Bet_Return_button.PNG button to remove   


Why can't I see my Bet Returns?

  • You will only see the Bet Return button in your Bet Slip if you have one available and can be used on that selection.
  • You can only use one Bet Return per race.
  • Bet Returns aren't always available to use when another special is being offered on your selection.

Can I use a Bonus Bet with Bet Returns?

Bonus Bets are not available for use with Bet Returns.

Can I use a Power Play with Bet Returns?

Power Plays are not available for use with Bet Returns.

Is my Bet Return Bet eligible for Promotions?

Bet Returns aren’t always available to use when another special is betting offered on your selection. 

What happens to my Bet Return if my Selection is Scratched or Voided?

Your Bet Return will be returned to your account. 

Will Deductions apply to my Bet Return Bet?

Yes, standard Deduction rules apply to all Fixed Odds Bets, including Bets placed using Bet Returns.

Domestic & International Bet Returns

Domestic Bet Returns: Australian & New Zealand Races

International Bet Returns: All other eligible countries that are not Australia & New Zealand 

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