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Important Information about Cancellations & Suspended Events/Leagues

In response to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, a number of events and sporting leagues around the world have announced that they will be cancelling matches and temporarily suspending leagues.

As a result your existing bets may be impacted, including your ability to bet on these markets.

As a general rule, any upcoming match bets have been voided and stakes refunded.

Championship & Futures bets will remain pending, cash out will also be temporarily suspended until further notice.

Impacted/Suspended Events & Leagues:

  1. Basketball (NBA Matches, NCAA Basketball Matches, NCAA Championship, European Basketball Leagues)
  2. Baseball (MLB Matches)
  3. Golf (PGA Tour)
  4. Hockey (NHL Matches)
  5. Motor Racing (Australian F1 Grand Prix, IndyCar, v8 Supercars)
  6. Surfing (World Surf League)
  7. Soccer (MLS, Champions League, Premier League, Europa League, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga)
  8. Tennis (ATP, WTA, Challenger Tour, ITF Matches)

For a full list of rules, refer to the Sports Terms and Conditions:

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