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What are Flucs?

Flucs are design to represent changes in price to a runner based on the market. When a runner is backed its price will shorten; whilst if it doesn't attract support than it's price will drift out. 

Whilst significant betting activity can occur immediately after prices are put up, the majority of money will mostly be placed in the lead up to a race; Flucs are aimed to show what sort of support each runner has had and are a good representation of their popularity among punters.


What does the colour indicate?

Flucs are represented in 3 colours:

Grey = The price has not changed since opening

Green = The runner has not been backed by punters and the price has drifted since the market opened 

Red = The runner has been backed by punters and the price is now shorter than the price at which it opened

How do I view Flucs?

To view Flucs, tap on 'Flucs' which appears at the top of the race card. The Flucs will now appear below each runner in that race.

What are Market Movers?

Market Movers (represented by a flame) are an easy way to find hot horses from the race card. The more flames, the bigger the move.

Market Movers are activated 20 minutes from the scheduled race jump time. This is done to have reliable Flucs data.

How are Market Movers calculated?

Market Movers are based on the last 10 Flucs prices and is represented based on the largest % change. The more flames, the larger the percentage change.

How do I view Market Movers?

To view Market Movers, tap on 'Flucs' which appears at the top of the race card. The Market Movers will appear next to the Flucs price.


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