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Looking for your Bonus Bet? Eligible customers will be credited their Bonus Bets  by 12 PM the following business day.

Introducing the new Sportsbet iOS App!

What are some of the benefits of the new app?

- Enhanced designs across our Racing, Sports, Specials & Bet Live sections to include more detail, clearer & richer content.

- Improved navigation including dedicated Racing & Sports Homepages to let you get your bet on quicker. You can now also favourite sports to give you quicker access to the sports you love!

- Quicker actions & shortcuts including Quick Bet, One Step Add to BlackBook & Swipe to Remove.

Who's eligible for the pilot?

Our new iOS app is only available for a select few right now (not that we're picking favourites) so download, have a crack & let us know what you think!

What's new & what's currently not available?

Make sure you always keep the app up to date and check the Test Flight app every 2 weeks for a new version as we're constantly updating the app throughout the pilot.

Whats new?

  1. A refreshed look and feel across the app
  2. Racing / Sport specific homepage choice
  3. Filter Racing codes or region on All Racing page
  4. Ability to favourite sports on All Sports page for quicker access
  5. Swipe to next race or sports event
  6. View all Cash Out offers on the Pending Bets page
  7. Enhanced live scoreboards

What's currently unavailable?

The following features are currently unavailable. These will be available in the comings weeks.

  1. Race Streaming
  2. Splitting Bonus Bets
  3. The Fold
  4. Edit Credit Card details
  5. Withdrawal via PayPal
  6. Withdrawal via Cash Card
  7. Apply for a Cash Card
  8. Results Centre
  9. Cancel Pending Withdrawal
  10. Racing Speedmaps
  11. Box Challenge
  12. Jockey Challenge
  13. Race Replays

Download the new Sportsbet iOS App

How do I download the Pilot App?

Follow the instructions in the email you received inviting you to the trial.


Step 1: Download Test Flight from the App Store. ( Once downloaded return to the email you received to get the new Sportsbet App.

Step 2: Tap the 'Get the App' link in the email you received & then tap 'Start Testing' to get to the downloaded app page.

Step 3: Accept and install and you're in!


Using the new Sportsbet iOS App

How do I give feedback?

We really value your feedback so you can expect a survey landing in your inbox in a few weeks. You can also provide feedback at any time by clicking on the 'more' tab in the app and selecting Give Feedback.

How do I split my Bonus Bets?

Unfortunately the ability to split your bonus bet is currently unavailable. Our team is working hard to get this into the app for you though.

In the mean time, if you want to split your bonus bet you can still do so by going to via Google Chrome or Safari.

What is QuickBet? How do I use QuickBet?

Quick Bet allows you to place bets faster then ever before!

To enable QuickBet:

  1. Tap on MoreSettings > Betting Preferences
  2. Enter your Default Stake

Whenever you place a bet, you'll be able to quickly place your bet with one tap of the Quick Bet button.

Can I still use use Million Dollar Tipping & play Hotshot Jackpot?

All our Free to Play games are still available on our new app and can be accessed by clicking More > Free to Play: Tipping & Games

When is the new app coming out?

We're currently piloting our new app, and you can expect the new app to official be launched later in the year!

What happens to the old app? How do I go back to the old app?

At anytime, if you feel like you want to go back to the old app, all you have to do is:

  1. Give us feedback via the 'more' tab and selecting Give Feedback (We'd really appreciate knowing why you want to go back)
  2. Delete the new Sportsbet iOS app from your iPhone
  3. Go to the Apple App Store and re-install the Sportsbet app (not from Test Flight)
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