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Important Information about Punters Club (February 2019) 

What is happening to Punters Club?

We're continuously evolving our technology to offer a seamless, intuitive user experience across a range of platforms and devices.

As part of this, we regularly review each platform to ensure we are delivering the best possible service to our users and as a result have made the decision to temporarily decommission Punters Club.

Will you be bringing back Punters Club?

Based on your feedback, we've learnt a tonne about what you want in a Punters Club and plan to launch Punters Club bigger and better.

Our plans are to start rebuilding Punters Club and relaunch it later in 2019.

When will Punters Club be decommissioned?

From Wednesday 6th March 2019, we will be disabling the ability to create new clubs. Any existing clubs will continue to operate as normal during this period.

From Wednesday 13th March 2019, we will start to switch Punters Club off and all existing clubs will be closed. You will no longer be able to access or bet from your existing Punters Club after this date.

Why is Punters Club being decommissioned?

Aging & old technology & systems means that Punters Club is becoming increasingly complex to continue to improve & fix.

So that we can continue to provide the best experience and not negatively impact you, we've made the decision to shut down Punters Club and start from scratch.

What happens to any bets that are still pending?

All pending bets will continue to be settled as normal, with any winnings split and returned to the your personal account as per your club rules.

What happens to my existing club & balance?

All clubs running post Wednesday 13th March 2019 will be closed with their remaining balance equally shared and returned to your personal accounts.

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