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About the new experience

With easier & quicker navigation, the new experience makes it faster for you to get a bet on, whilst taking advantage of all the Sportsbet features available to you. 


  1. Improved layout across the site, with easy access to help
  2. Our quickest ever website, get your bet on fast
  3. Consistent feel across our mobile apps
  4. Dedicated Racing & Sports Homepages
  5. Find an event, runner, jockey, selection faster with Search
  1. Get detailed tips and race comments for every race on the Racecard at your fingertips
  2. Change to Tote Multi or Exotics mode enabling you to view selections as you build your bets
  3. Enhanced SGM
  4. See your Cash Out Value through via your Pending Bets
  5. Access to the latest 'Stats & Insights' 
    Watch all the latest sports via our streaming service

We've been hard at work making changes based on your suggestions! Thank you to everyone that has provided us valuable feedback since we've launched our new website. 

What's new in October 2018

Deductions - Find out which runners have been scratched and how much deductions applies to Fixed Odd bets.

Max Bet Limits - You can now see what your Max Bet limits are by clicking on  your the Bet Slip.

Scratchings  - Scratched runners now appear at the bottom of the racecard.

Website Max Width - For those of you who like to have a punt on large screens, we have now fixed and are limiting the maximum width that the website will expand to.

Next to Jump Menu Bar - Not everyone is interested in racing, so we've introduced the ability for you to toggle on/off the next races menu bar.

Bonus Bets on Exotics - You can now use your Bonus Bets on Trifectas, First 4's and many more!

Scrolling - We've improved some scrolling issues to allow for more runners to fit onto a screen. 

We've also made a number fixes as well to improve the performance of the betslip, fixe some issues with our Bet Live Fast Code, improved how our Search feature works, fix some usability issues when using Chrome and many more!

What's new in September 2018

Free to Play Tipping & Games - Have a go at winning in a share of prizes in our AFL & NFL Hotshot Jackpot free to play tipping games!

Stats & Insights - Get all the stats before you bet! Get full season results, match previews and past/team/player performance in top betting markets.

MLB Pitchers Names - Pitchers names now appear in the Bet Slip.

Cancel Pending Withdrawal - Requested a withdrawal but changed your mind? You can now cancel your withdrawal request and your funds will be back in your account instantly.

Sportsbet Cash Mastercard - You can now apply for a Sportsbet Cash Mastercard via My Account.

Scoreboards - See live and up to date scoreboards and a range of sports!

What features are not yet available in the new experience?

Here are some of the primary features that aren't available yet in the new experience. Stay tuned!



Multi rebet


Max Stake amounts

Punters Club

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