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How does Line Betting work?

Line Betting places a point handicap on both teams with the intention of levelling the playing field. One team will receive a negative handicap and the other team will receive a positive handicap.

Using the example of Cowboys v Broncos, you can see that the Broncos have a handicap of -4.0 and Geelong have a handicap of +4.0.

This means that the Broncos would need to win by 5 points or more for Broncos (-4.0) to be a winning selection. For Cowboys (+4.0) to be a winning selection, the Cowboys need to either win the match or lose by no more than 3 points.

What is the Dally M Medal?

The Dally M Medal is the award given to the Player of the Year in the NRL.

What is the Clive Churchill Medal?

The Clive Churchill Medal is the award given to the player judged to be man-of-the-match in the NRL Grand Final

What is the NRL Quinella?

The NRL quinella is a bet on which two teams will make it to the Grand Final

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