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How does Line Betting work?

Line Betting places a point handicap on both teams with the intention of levelling the playing field. One team will receive a negative handicap and the other team will receive a positive handicap.

Using the example of Richmond v Geelong, you can see that Richmond have a handicap of -18.5 and Geelong have a handicap of +18.5.

This means that Richmond would need to win by 19 points or more for Richmond (-18.5) to be a winning selection. For Geelong (+18.5) to be a winning selection, Geelong need to either win the match or lose by no more than 18 points.


What happens to a head to head bet when there is a draw?

When a match ends in a draw in the Home and Away season and you have placed a Head to Head bet on either team, you will be paid out as a winner with a dead heat deduction. This means that you will be paid out half of the face value of your bet.

For example, you placed a head to head bet on St Kilda against the Giants in Round 5, 2018. You placed $5 on St Kilda at $3.20 odds. If St Kilda had won the match you would have received $16 however as the match ended in a draw you receive $8 back.

What Clock does “Time First Goal Kicked” use?

For all “Time of” bets we use the time listed on the AFL website.

What is the Wire to Wire market?

The wire to wire market gives you the chance to bet on a team to be leading the match at the end of every quarter or for any other result. Any other result would be if the lead changed at any break, or if the scores were level at the end of any break. 

How are Same Game Multi odds calculated?

You may notice when combining two selections in a same game multi that the odds are not calculated by a straight multiplication of odds as you would see in a standard multi bet.

The reason for this is that markets within the same game are often related and have an influence on each other. For Example, In a match between the Tigers and the Cats. Combining “Dustin Martin to score 3 or more goals” and “Tigers to win” may give you lower odds than expected while “Tom Hawkins to score 3 or more goals” and “Tigers to Win” may give you much higher odds than you might expect.  This is due to the likelihood of both events occurring in the same match.

What happens to my Brownlow Bet if my player is suspended or injured?

Betting on the Brownlow Medal is considered All In betting, this means if your player is not eligible or has not played for the season the bet will stand.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Rising Star award?

To be eligible for the NAB AFL Rising Star, nominated players must be under the age of 21 at 1 January 2022 and have played no more than 10 AFL games.

Also they must not have been suspended by the AFL or State League tribunals during the season.

What is the Coleman Medal?

The Coleman Medal is awarded to the player who kicks the most goals in the Home and Away season.

What is the Norm Smith Medal?

The Norm Smith Medal is awarded to the best player in the Grand Final.

What is the AFL Quinella?

The AFL quinella is a bet on which two teams will make it to the Grand Final

What is the Minor Premiership?

The Minor Premiership is won by the team that finishes the Home and Away season on top of the ladder.

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