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Hotshot Jackpot AFL FAQs

Hotshot Jackpot AFL has concluded for the 2019 season. Check back in 2020! 

What is Hotshot Jackpot AFL?

Hotshot Jackpot AFL is a free-to-play game where you need to select the correct Big Win Little Win outcome, a player To Get 30 or More Disposals and a player To Kick 3 or More Goals to win a share of $2,500 in the nominated match.

Does it cost to play?

No! It's completely FREE to play Hotshot Jackpot

How do I play?

  1. Make sure you’re logged into your Sportsbet account or register if you’re a new customer
  2. For each match, you need to make four picks;
    1. Big Win Little Win outcome
    2. 30+ Disposals
    3. 3+ Goals
  3. Once happy with your picks, submit them and you’re on!

Can I use my Sportsbet account?

Yes, you can login with your Sportsbet account

What if I don’t have a Sportsbet account?

To play Hotshot Jackpot you must have a Sportsbet account.  Joining Sportsbet is free and easy, simply Join Now!

What can I win?

For available games, you can win a share of prizes per match. If there are multiple winners, the prize pool will be shared equally between all winners.

When do I have to submit my selections?

Your selections must be submitted before the start of the nominated match of the Hotshot Jackpot AFL round.

When will I be able to see the matches for the round?

Matches for the round will generally be available by 12pm AEST each Monday.

Can I change my selections?

Yes, you can change your selections up until the match starts. Once the nominated match is live, you can’t change your selections.

What if there is no player with 30+ Disposals or no player who scores 3+ Goals?

In the event there is no player with 30+ Disposals or no player who scores 3+ Goals in the relevant game, the game will be void and there will be no Hotshot Jackpot AFL prize for that game.

What happens if my selection isn’t in the final 22, or doesn’t take to the field?

All selections are final even if your selection isn’t in the final 22, or doesn’t take to the field. In the event your player (selection) doesn’t play that is considered an incorrect pick. Remember, you can change your selections up until the Hotshot Jackpot AFL match starts.

Can I enter more than once?

No, Sportsbet strictly allows one entry per person. Any person identified with more than one entry or account will be disqualified from the competition. But, you can play in any or all of the nominated Hotshot Jackpot AFL matches and make any edits prior to the match(s) starting.

If I win, when do I get my prize?

The prize will be deposited into your Sportsbet account once you have met the verification requirements.  Prizes can take up to 10 business days to reach winners’ accounts

How are prizes paid to winners?

Prizes are paid into the winners’ Sportsbet account.

What if there are multiple winners?

If there are multiple winners, the Jackpot will be shared equally amongst all winners that round.

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