Photo Finish FAQ

If your horse runs second as a result of a photo finish, you may be eligible to receive a bonus bet that matches your original stake (up to $1000)

What is a Photo Finish?

- A photo finish, as defined by Sportsbet, is when a selection finishes 2nd by 0.1 lengths or less as per the official margin outlined by Racing Australia. Official margins can be found at Racing Australia.

How long does it take to credit my Bonus Bet?

- The promotion will not be credited until official results are available confirming the length. In the event you are eligible for this promotion please allow for up to 30 minutes for results to be made official per Racing Australia

What happens if my horse finishes 3rd within .1L?

In the event that the horse that finishes 3rd also finishes within .1 lengths of first, it will not be eligible for this offer. The offer is for SECOND ONLY

I already had a Bet Return on my selection, am I still eligible for this offer?

- In the event a bet return has been applied to your selection that is eligible for this promotion, only the extra stake will be refunded as part of this offer. E.g. If you have a $100 bet with a $50 bet return, you will receive a $50 bonus bet as part of your bet return and a $50 bonus bet as part of the photo finish offer.

What if there is a Dead Heat for first?

- In the event that there is a dead heat for first place, this offer won't be available to second place.


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