Customer Remediation - ACMA June 2022

Q. What has happened? What was the issue?
Between January 2020 and March 2021, Sportsbet sent communications to some customers
who had either requested to no longer receive them, or without the required option to
unsubscribe. As a result Sportsbet has paid a fine to the Australian Communications and
Media Authority (ACMA), and has taken steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.
We apologise to customers who were affected by this and have been working hard to
ensure our unsubscribe process works properly now.

Q. How did this happen? Is the issue fixed?
Unfortunately, our communication platforms were impacted by technical and process
failures that meant not all customer unsubscribe requests were actioned as fast as they
should have been.
The issue is now fixed and customers can unsubscribe easily from marketing
communications at their request. We have implemented a rigorous process to ensure
our current unsubscribe technology is now working as it should.

Q. How have you calculated the total compensation amount? Why 2.96%?
Sportsbet has calculated the rate of compensation based on an agreed formula with
ACMA of 2.96%. The payment is one of a number of commitments made by Sportsbet to
ACMA and applies equally to all customers’ who incurred losses during the period they
received communications in error.

Q. I didn’t receive any compensation. What are my options?
If you are not eligible to receive any compensation, this means you were not identified as a
customer who incurred losses with Sportsbet during the applicable period.
If you think a decision has been made in error, we can direct you to the Complaints Team
who will contact you within 5 business days.


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