Responsible Gambling In Australia

Sportsbet has been a leader in establishing responsible gambling initiatives and tools to protect its customers and the wider community. It has supported restrictions on advertising to mitigate the risk of advertising indirectly to minors (such as restrictions on television advertising prior to 8PM), and in 2017 played a key role in establishing the independent peak body representing online wagering, Responsible Wagering Australia.

In 2015, Sportsbet launched the responsible gambling tool, Take a Break, the industry's first self-service product, that allows customers to step away from using the Sportsbet product either temporarily or permanently.

Sportsbet was also an early adopter of providing the option of Deposit Limits - allowing a customer to set a personal deposit limit in order to maintain control and limitation. Deposit limits can be set for a 24 hour, weekly or 28 day period.

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Sportsbet Responsible Gambling 

BetStop – the National Self-Exclusion Register™ is a free service provided by the Australian Government that allows people to self-exclude from all licensed Australian online and phone wagering providers in a single process. Registering is quick and easy and can be done at

While you are registered, Australian licensed online and phone wagering providers must not open a wagering account for you, allow you to place bets, or send you marketing material.

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