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Why do I need to verify your Credit Debit Card?

At Sportsbet, customer protection from third party use is very important. Sometimes we require you to verify a Credit or Debit card used to fund your account.

Heads Up: If we need to verify your card, we will email you requesting you to do so. Once we've received an image of your card, our Security Team will review your card within 48 hours.

How do I verify my Credit/Debit Card?

Please do not respond directly to the email, as we won't receive the card image. You can upload an an image of your card using our secure uploader tool:

  1.  You will get an email from us with a unique link tied to your account. Opening the link allows you to securely upload an image of your card for us to verify.
  2. Open the link and press  
    You can upload multiple images if we have requested you to verify multiple cards.
Heads Up: We recommend that you block out the middle 6 digits of your card 
  1. Once the image has been uploaded successfuly, you will see a confirmation message: 

  1. Our security team will review your card within 48 hours. You will receive an email once we've verified your card and then you're ready to go!
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