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What is Stats & Insights?

The Stats & Insights feature is designed to help you stayed informed and improve your Betting decision making.

From Stats & Insights, you'll be able to access Betting Insights, Stats, Ladder/Standings & Lineups.

How do I access Stats & Insights?

If you are using Sportsbet from your Mac or PC:

  1. Stats & Insights will appear on the Right Hand Side of your screen, next to the Bet Slip.

If you are using Sportsbet from a internet browser on your mobile:

  1. Click on Stats & Insights


  1. Tap on "View the Stats & Insights for match info"


  1. Tap on Stats & Insights

When is information available on Stats & Insights?

Stats & Insights will be available as soon as matches are on site (including future rounds). Some extra content is available closer to the matches.

  • Team line ups for NRL generally will be available Tuesday/Wednesday.
  • Team line ups for AFL generally will be available Thursday evening around 6:30pm or 7pm (Melbourne Time).
  • Match Preview and Match Insights generally will be available from the Wednesday/Thursday prior to the game.

What Sports is Stats & Insights available on?

Stats & Insights is currently available for:

  1. AFL
  2. NRL
  3. Super Rugby
  4. Basketball: NBA & NBL
  5. MLB
  6. NHL
  7. NFL
  8. Big Bash
  9. Soccer: EPL, Championship, Serie A, Serie B, Bundesliga, 2. Bundesliga, La Liga, Segunda Division, Champions League, Europa League, Euros, World Cup, A-League
  10. Tennis: ATP & WTA
  11. eSports: League of Legends (selected leagues only)
  12. UFC

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