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Heads up 

Check out the store locator, some stores can only accept Cash Top Up deposits using Cash card (Mastercard) 

Cash Top Up is available on mobile or Cash card (Mastercard)



What is Sportsbet Cash Top Up?

Cash Top Up is an instant depositing method where you can deposit via cash, credit card or EFTPOS directly into your Sportsbet account at participating retailers. We’ve teamed up with Epay to provide over 1700 locations nationwide at a retailer near you!


How do I use Sportsbet Cash Top Up?

You can deposit $50 amounts using Cash Top up at a participating retailer using the stripe above ‘Swipe to top up’ on your Cash card (Mastercard only).


How to Deposit with Cash Top Up:

  1. Present your Cash card (Mastercard)at the retailer
  2. The retailer will scan or swipe your card as many times as you want to deposit in amounts of $50 at a time

Heads up retailers may know Cash Top Up depositing as ‘Epay’

  1. Pay via cash, EFTPOS or credit card and keep your receipt
  2. Your Sportsbet account balance will update automatically within a few minutes

Heads up Cash Top Up load will credit funds directly to your Sportsbet account, and not to the balance of your Sportsbet Cash card. From your Sportsbet account, funds will need to be turned over through betting activity before you can withdraw via your Sportsbet Cash card.


Where can I use Cash Top Up?

You can use Sportsbet Cash Top Up at over 1700 participating merchants, including BP and Ezy Mart, it’s easy to find a participating retailer near you:



What if I go to the store and they won’t process my deposit?

Please get in touch us and provide as many details as you can such as: location of store as well as time/date 

What if the funds don’t appear in my account?

Your deposit should appear instantly, however please wait a few minutes before checking again.

If your deposit doesn’t appear within a few minutes, contact Sportsbet with receipts and any further details you can to assist our team to investigate.

How much can I Deposit?

Each swipe or scan of the card will load $50 to your Sportsbet account. You can swipe or scan multiple times per transaction to load multiple denominations of $50.

Heads up If you have Responsible Gambling limits or other such limits applied to your account, any surplus amounts loaded via Sportsbet Cash Top Up may be held from your account to be reviewed.

What should I do if my Sportsbet Cash Card is lost or stolen?

Please contact us as soon as you can.

My Sportsbet Cash Card is faulty. Can I get a replacement?

Yes, please contact us to arrange a replacement.

Are there any fees for using Sportsbet Cash Top Up?  

No, the amount you pay will be the amount credited to your Sportsbet account. However merchant fees may apply depending on the payment method used at participating retailers, such as credit card surcharges.


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