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You can place Bets on selected Live Racing markets.

What races can I Bet Live on?

Races that have a Live Market available will show a yellow notification bar like the example below.

To find our what up and coming races will have Betting in Running available, visit the All Racing page. A Image icon will be listed next to available track, and by hovering over it the specific race will be highlighted yellow.

How can I tell if a race is live?

Races that are currently running will show a Image icon where the race countdown time would normally be. This icon will disappear once the race has finalised and be replaced with the standard race results.


Why does the price change in the Betslip?

The price for your selection will fluctuate as the race is in play.


The odds will become red and show a down arrow if they are shortening (getting smaller), and become green and show an up arrow if they are drifting (getting bigger.)

Your selection's price will not be confirmed until you placed your bet and received a 'Bet Placed' notification on your Betslip.

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