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An accumulator is the name for any accumulative bet more than three selections.

All Up

A basic Multiple Bet combining 2 - 25 legs. all your selections must win for your bet to be a winner.

Ante Post

Refers to any bet placed more than a day before the start of an event.

Asian Handicap

This is a type of bet which gives a head start to one of the teams. Eliminates the possibility of a draw outcome.


Where you put your selections and enter your stake before confirming your bet.

Betting W/O

Stands for betting without the favourite. Usually the market refers to the favourite but may not if the SP favourite is different to the favourite at the time that the market was established. The final position of the excluded horse is disregarded for settlement purposes.

BIR (Betting in Running)

Betting in Running is the term used to describe Bet's that can be placed after the match, race, or event has started.  For example, placing a Bet in the last quater of an AFL match to say that one team will score a goal before the other.

Boxed Trifecta

A kind of Trifecta bet where you chose 3 (or more) selections to finish 1st, 2nd and 3


A browser is the program you use to view a website. The most common Browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. It is important to keep your browser up to date with the latest version available or you may have difficulty displaying websites.


This bet (also known as a super yankee) involves 26 bets on five selections consisting of ten doubles, ten trebles, five fourfolds and a fivefold accumulator.

Card Index

The card index refers to the amount of cards shown by the referee in a football game. A yellow card is worth ten points, a red card is worth 25 points and two yellows leading to a red is worth 35 points.


A term used to describe small packets of data your computer stores about the websites you visit. These packets allow your browser to display sites faster but can sometimes cause error's when sites are updated with new data.

Dead Heat

A dead heat refers to an outcome where two competitors are tied for the same position. In this instance your bet is settled under the dead heat rules for that event.


In the case of scratchings after the declaration of the Final Field, deductions will apply to the face value of winning bets placed at Fixed odds.

Distance Special

This is a special which may be offered on a horse (usually the favourite) to win by a certain distance, e.g. between 3 and 5½ lengths.


A common term for Greyhound racing.


A single bet with two selections. The winnings from the first selection are placed on the second selection. Both selections must win to get a return.

Each Way

May be abbreviated as E/W. It refers to a two part bet, one part on the selection to win, the second part on the selection to place. The place part will be settled at the each way terms of the event, e.g. 1/4 of the odds.

Early Bird (Pre-Post)

Early Bird Pre-Post prices are Proprietary Fixed Prices for races where the final field has been declared. Available for Win betting on Australian Metropolitan racing and selected feature races


Similar to a Quinella. An Exacta is a bet on two horses in one race to finish 1st and 2nd in a specified order.

Exclusion Rule (Multi Bets)

You may find that there are some bets you can't combine on the betslip into Multi Bets. This may be because the bets are related. For example, you cannot place a double on Collingwood to beat Hawthorn in a single match into Collingwood to win the flag.


The shortest priced horse in a race. In a sporting event, the favourite is the shortest priced team in the Head to Head market.

Final Field

Final Field comprises the final acceptors as advised by the controlling Race Club (basically when the official runners for a race are declared). Deductions may apply for any runners scratched from after the Final Field is declared prior to Race commencement for bets placed under Fixed Odds.

First Four (Also known as SUPERFECTA in American Racing)

Similar to a Trifecta. Select four runners to place first, second, third and fourth in correct order or place a Boxed First Four allowing you to chose four or more selections. You can choose as many runners as you like from the same race; however four of the selections must place first, second, third and fourth.

Fixed Price

Fixed Price is a bet where you get the odds quoted at the time of your bet. Sportsbet’s ultra-competitive Proprietary Fixed Price service is available daily on all Metropolitan meetings and selected Country and Provincial meetings. Please note that Deuctions may apply to Fixed odds bets in the event of a late scratching.

Flexi Betting

Flexi betting allows you to take Exotic bet types (Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta or First 4) and also Multiple bet types (Doubles, Trebles or Quaddies) with as many selections or combinations as you like for whatever amount you wish to invest.

If you select Flexi Betting when placing your wagers, you simply enter the total amount you wish to invest into the stake box instead of the Unit Stake. You will then receive a percentage of the standard unit based on your total stake.


The UK/Ireland equivalent of an Exacta. A straight forecast is a bet on two selections to finish first and second in a particular order (Available in UK & Irish races only).

Futures / Antepost

Future Racing prices are Proprietary Fixed Prices for races where the final field has not been declared.

Please Note: Futures bets made before the final field has been declared are ALL IN bets, meaning that if your selected runner does not start the race your bet is resulted a loss unless otherwise stated on the individual bet.


A goliath is 247 bets on eight selections consisting of 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfolds, 56 fivefolds, 28 sixfolds, eight sevenfolds and an eightfold accumulator.

Grand National

The Grand National is a famous National Hunt horse race which is held at Aintree in England.

Half Time/Full Time

Also known as double result, this is a bet where you must predict the outcome at half time and at full time.

Head to Head

A straight two-way competition offered in sports, a head to head bet is simply one team to beat the other (draw option only sometimes offered).


A heinz bet is 57 bets on six selections consisting of 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, six fivefolds and one sixfold accumulator.

In running

A term referring to an event which has started and is in play.


Usually offered to two or three places, Insurebet means that your selection is paid out if it win, but if it finishes 2nd or 3rd you will get your stake back.

Jockey Challenge

Jockey Challenge is a daily bet on Jockeys racing that day at a particular track. Win Only bets are accepted on an all-in basis. The winning jockey is decided on a 3, 2, 1 points scoring system. All bets on Jockey Challenge are accepted at Fixed odds.

Joint Favourites

When two or more horses share the shortest price at the start of a race.

Line Bet

A handicap bet is a bet which provides one team with a headstart, e.g. If you bet on Liverpool (-1.0), and Liverpool won 1-0 then the handicap result would be a draw.

Live Betting

Refers to betting on an event which is in-play. Also known as betting in the run.

Lucky 15

A Lucky 15 consists of 15 bets on four selections consisting of four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a fourfold accumulator.

Lucky 31

A Lucky 31 is 31 bets on five selections and consists of five singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five fourfolds and a fivefold accumulator.

Lucky 63

A Lucky 63 is 63 bets on six selections and consists of six singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, six fivefolds and a sixfold accumulator.

Margin Betting

Margin Betting is where you pick the winning margin on an event between two teams.

The margins are set by the Sportsbet bookmaker and are usually as follows:

  • AFL: 1-39, 40+ and Draw
  • Rugby League and Union: 1-12, 13+ and Draw
  • Basketball: 1-10, 11+

When a Draw option is offered for Margin betting, it will exclude any extra time that might be played.

Money Line

Refers to one specific team winning the game.


A MultiBet is combining a selection of single bets together, in effect multiplying your bet. MultiBets are also known as a Multiple Bet, All Up or Parlay. Sportsbet accepts MultiBets from 2 to 25 legs. Sportsbet now accepts combination Sport and Racing MultiBets online and over the phone.

Mythical 2/3 Ball

This is a type of golf bet which allows you to bet between golfers who are not in direct competition.


If your selection is declared a non-runner then you will get your stake back if your selection was not made as an “All in Bet”.


The Northern Territory Racing Commission. The NTRC is able to assist resolving disputes that cannot be settled between a bookmaker and customer.

Odds on

Any price which is shorter than $2.00 in odds.

One on One

See head to head.


A cumulative series of bets in which winnings accruing from each transaction are used as a stake for a further bet.


A patent is seven bets on three selections consisting of three singles, three doubles and a treble.


The payout is the full amount you receive on a winning bet. The payout on a bet is worked out by multiplying the stake of your bet with the odds. Please note that Sportsbet only displays the Profit from a bet (Your full payout minus the stake) to make it easier to keep track of your account balance.

PICK3 (American Racing)

Refer to 'Treble'

PICK6 (American Racing)

Refer to 'Super 6'

Place Only

A place only bet is a bet on your horse to place. Your bet is a winner if your horse places.

Place Card

A place variant on a Quaddie. Simply select a horse to run a place in each of the four designated races on the Place Card. All selections must place for your bet to be a winner.


The profit for a bet is the total payout minus your initial stake. When you view past bets, you will notice that only the profit on a bet is shown. This is so that you do not have two entries for one bet and makes reviewing your bets much simpler.

Please note: all winning bets are paid out in full (Stake and profit).

Run Line

Mimics spread betting but relates to baseball. Refers to the run headstart that a team is given.


Pick the winner of the four consecutive quaddie races for a chance to pocket a whopping dividend.


Similar to an Exacta, can either be a normal Quinella (two runners to place first and second in any order) or a Boxed Quinella (chose as many runners as you like from the same race, two of the selections must place first and second in any order).


A scorecast bet is a bet on a player to score first and a team to win by a particular score, e.g O'Shea to score first and Man Utd to win 2-0. The odds of both outcomes are combined into one price.


When a runner withdraws from a race before it begins.


A single bet on one selection.


This is a horse racing term. It means Starting Price. This is the actual price that is offered when a race starts by the race track.


The Stake of a bet is simply the amount you wish to bet. When betting on some markets (such as exotics and multi's) you can choose to enter ether a Total Stake or a Unit Stake.


A horse whose price has suddenly dropped.

Super 6 (Also known as 'PICK6' in American Racing)

Similar to a Quaddie. A Super 6 wager requires you to select the six winners in the consecutive races on the Super 6 race card to win the Major Dividend. But, if you select the first five winners in a row, and get knocked out in the final race, you still score a Consolation Dividend.

Super Exotics

Super Exotics are the term Sportsbet uses for Daily Doubles, Trebles, Quaddies, Place cards and Super 6's. All super exotics are racing bets involving a single bet on multiple races. Also called Racing Multiples

SUPERFECTA (American Racing)

Please see 'First Four'

Super Heinz

A Super Heinz is 120 bets on seven selections consisting of 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 fourfolds, 21 fivefolds, seven sixfolds and a sevenfold accumulator.

Super Yankee

This bet (also known as a canadian) involves 26 bets on five selections consisting of 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five fourfolds and a fivefold accumulator.

Top Fluctuation

Top Fluctuation (Top Fluc) guarantees that bets placed 45 minutes before the advertised start time are guaranteed to be paid the top official fluctuation odds bet by on-course bookmakers as determined by the Bookmakers Pricing Service.

Total Stake

Total Stake is the total amount you wish to bet on a single wager. When betting on exotic bet types you can elect to enter a total stake and we will work out the percentage of a normal unit you will receive in the event of a winning bet.


The Tote is the name for the TABs in Australia; S-TAB, NSW-TAB and Tatts (UniTAB).

Treble (Also known as 'PICK3' in American Racing)

Pick the winner of the three consecutive races. Basically the same as a Quaddie but with only three races.


UK/Irish version of a Trifecta.


A bet on three selections to finish first, second and third in a race in a particular order. Can also be placed as a Boxed Trifecta (three selections to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in any order).


4 bets consisting of 3 selections from different events:

  • 3 x 2 Play Parlay / Doubles
  • 1 x 3 Play Parlay / Treble

At least 2 selections must win to earn a return.


A common term for Harness Racing.

Unit Stake

Used in exotic bet types such as trifecta's to show potentional winnings. For example. a single unit boxed trifecta with three runners costs $6. when betting on an exotic you can ether enter the total amount you want to bet (Total Stake) or the number of units you want to win.


This refers to the three possible outcomes of a sports fixture (home win, draw and away win).


11 bets consisting of 4 selections from different events:
  • 6 x 2 Play Parlay / Doubles
  • 4 x 3 Play Parlay / Trebles
  • 1 x 4 Play Parlay / 4 Fold

At least 2 selections must win to earn a return.

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