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The biller code is what we need to perform a BPay transaction. The entity receiving the funds needs to have a biller code and a CRN (Customer Reference Number) to locate your individual payment. If you are trying to deposit funds by BPay into please click .

If you have been asked to enter a biller code for your credit card, it's so we can put your winnings back into your card as quickly as possible. If you won't be looking to withdraw funds into your credit card you won't need to enter a biller code.

If you do need to enter the biller code for your respective bank for a credit card withdrawal, you can find this information on your bank's website or statement. You can find a list of common biller codes below, but these can change, so we recommend you check with your bank first.

Bank Name Biller Code
Adelaide Bank 3939
ANZ 6007
Aussie 838805
Bank of Queensland 91215
Bank SA 9787
Bankwest 9100
Bendigo 342949
Commonwealth Bank 1818
Coles Myer Source 8862
GE Mastercard 293076
Heritage Building Society 74617
HSBC 17095
Maquarie Bank 423251
Mecu 803140
National Australia Bank 1008
NSW Teachers Credit Union 948505
Qantas Credit Union 704865
St George 9779
Virgin 172015
Westpac 5181
Wizard 150615
Woolworths Ezy Banking 17574
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