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It has come to our attention that some of our customers have been affected by a change of policy regarding credit card deposits. Traditionally, depositing with a credit card was treated as a normal payment by banks and no extra fees were charged to your account.

However in recent times it appears that some banks have started charging a surcharge because all deposits into are being treated as cash substitutes.

To establish whether these surcharges apply to you, you are urged to check with your financial institution for advice on what financial products and services are affected.

We would like you to know that does not charge any transaction fees to its customers. All the deposit methods listed on our website are paid by us to ensure the amount you want to deposit is what you receive in your balance.

How can I avoid this fee? provides many different ways of depositing funds. Other deposit methods such as debit cards, POLi, and PayPal allow you to deposit funds instantly without having to worry about this cash in advance fee.

For more information on each of the instant deposit methods please click on the links below.

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