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If you're feeling lucky, why not double your Bet and double the fun with a Double Bet!

What is a Double Bet?

A Daily Double is the simplest of multi bets. It requires you to pick the winning runner of two of the nominated Daily Double races on the race card.

Doubles pay the nominated TOTE dividend. Sportsbet pays the dividend declared by SUPERTAB for races featured in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia, while we pay the dividend declared by NSW TAB for races featured in NSW and ACT.

How do I Place a Double Bet?


In Selected Races,click on the Daily Double Tab

Or from the Racing menu click on Multiples and then Daily Doubles to see what upcoming Races this is available on.


Pick at least one runner in each race.

Simply tick the box next to the horse. You can also select the whole field.


Click Add to Bet Slip.

Your selections will be added to your Bet Slip.


Place your Stake, hit Bet, check your Bet then Confirm.

Add your Stake using the + button, or set your Stake per Combo. Your Total Stake and Estimate Returns will be calculated next to the Bet button. Hit Bet. Double check that your selections, stake and percentage are correct. Hit Confirm.


Making changes to your selections once the Doubles Bet slip is on the screen will not update your Bet slip with your changes. Please press the Clear Slip button on the bet slip and make your changes to your Doubles selections then press the Bet button again.

What Happens if one of my Runners gets Scratched?

If one of your runners get scratched, it will be substituted with the favourite. If you already have this substitute favourite in your bet, you'll get your percentage of the Bet doubled. For example, if you have 65% of the Double dividend and your selection is scratched and you already have the substitute favourite in your Bet for that race, your percentage doubles to 130% of the dividend. Never let it be said we didn't look after you!

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