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The Live Racing stream can be accessed by clicking any Watch Live Racing link. To Watch live racing you need to be logged in and have Deposited at least once.

Don't see these links? You might not be set up to view the Stream properly.  Click  to find out if you can stream Live Racing.

Live Racing is only available on Victorian races.  The Watch Live Racing link only appears on Racecards for Victorian events.

1. On the Left Hand Navigation Menu


1. Expand the Racing menu on the Left Hand side of the screen
2. Click the Watch Vic Racing Live link

2. On the Top Bar Navigation Menu

Image 1. Click the Racing tab from the Top Navigation
2. In the menu that is displayed, tap Watch Horse Racing

3. On the Racecard

Image 1. Click through to any Victorian Event Racecard.
2. Click the Watch Racing link
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