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Important! You must add a card that is in your name (and matches what is on your Sportsbet account). Third party cards are not permitted.

You can only add a maximum of two new cards daily. Once added, you can make a Deposit from any card on your account.


How long will it take? It's instant! Your funds will be available immediately after you process your Deposit.



  • Sportsbet does not support American Express (AMEX), Diners Club, or some Prepaid and Virtual cards
  • Some financial institutions like Virgin Money, Suncorp, Bank of Queensland, and Citibank will not allow you to fund your Sportsbet account using their cards
  • Sportsbet may need you to verify your Credit or Debit card prior to Withdrawing any funds

Select My Account from the top right-hand section of the homepage

Select the Deposit tab.


Select Debit/Credit Card tab from the Payment Options on the left.


Enter your new card details including:    

  • Cardholder Name
  • Card Number
  • Card Expiry
  • CV2 Number
  • Amount
  • Or select an existing card and enter the CV2 number, deposit amount and your Sportsbet password.

Click Deposit.


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