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Coupled Horses (CPL)

Coupled Horses are available when two or more horses from the same stable or owner are entered into a race.

If you bet on a coupled horse (Horse 1 for example), you automatically receive Horse 1A. If Horse 1 or 1A come first second or third you will get the highest resulted horse.

If Horse 1 gets scratched, your bet will still be alive on Horse 1A.

For example, if you played 1-3-7 as your trifecta and result was 1A-3-7, you win. Also, if one horse gets scratched, you have the other horse regardless of who you selected.

If you select 1A and 1A gets scratched, your bet will still stand on the 1 horse.

Show 1-2-3

A Show bet is a bet on your horse to place third or better. Your bet is a winner if your horse places first, second, or third. If your selection places, you will collect a Place divident.

Super6 (Pick 6)

A Super 6 wager requires you to select the six winners in the featured races on the Super 6 race card to win the Major Dividend

Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion is a rating provided by American racing industry experts for each horse. You can use this to compare what the experts think to the approximate odds.

US Tote Approx

The US Tote prices are displayed as approximates odds up until the jump of the race. Once the race has commenced the final odds will be displayed and declared upon the official result of the race. As such, estimated winnings are not available at the time of placing and confirming your American racing tote wage

US Tote Win Pool

The Win pool is displayed in US Dollars and is positioned at the top of the racecard for all win markets. The pool which is officially operated by the specific race track reflects the amount staked on this race. The pool (minus racetrack fees) is then divided in relation to the stakes among all winning bets based on the official race result.


Two selections to finish first and second in the correct order


Four selections to finish first, second, third and fourth in correct order (e.g similar to First4)

Daily Double

A Daily Double requires you to select the winning runners from the two Daily Double races on the race card.

Treble (PICK3)

A Treble requires you to select the three winners in the races on the Treble race card to win a dividend.


A Quaddie requires you to select the four winners in the races on the Quadrella race card to win a dividend.

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