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Our American friends across the Pacific have some small but important differences in their approach to betting and as such, settling bets will vary from each individual track and bet type and may result in the following scenarios

Exotic bet settlement

Scratchings Bets/lines for Exacta, Quinella, Trifecta, First4 which include a non-runner will be void.

All 'The Field'

On occasion, we receive exotic dividends with one less runner than might be expected. For example, a Trifecta pool we might receive a dividend listing 2 runners, if there has been no bets on the winning combination these 2 runners should be treated as 1st, 2nd with rest of the field as 3rd. (e.g. 8,3,ALL).

Tote Multis settlement

The rules for daily doubles are different to other multiples, whereby substitute logic applies.


Differs based on each track's jurisdiction. A Bet line that included a voided runner will either be refunded or a Consolation dividend will be paid out.

Consolation Dividends

Consolation dividends can be received in some cases. If this happens a second dividend will be received listing scratched runners, as well as a winning dividend for correct combinations. If a scratched runner is listed against the dividend, it will pay out this dividend.

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