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What is a Super 6?

Consider yourself a big hitter when it comes to cleaning up the winner's pool on the track? Line yourself up for a massive payday when you pick all six!

Available at most of the big meets, A Super 6 bet challenges you to pick six consecutive winners on the Super 6 race card to score the Major Divided. However if you pick five and luck out on the sixth, you'll still score a Consolation Dividend.

You can also use Flexi Betting on Super 6 wagers.


Go to the Race Meet or Click on Multiples (from the Racing Menu)

Super 6 is available at most of the big meets.


Pick at least one runner in each race.

Simply tick the box next to the horse. You can also select the whole field.


Click Bet to add to Bet Slip.

Your selections will be added to your Bet Slip.


Place your Stake, hit Bet, check your Bet then Confirm.

Add your Stake using the + button, or set your Stake per Combo. Your Total Stake and Estimate Returns will be calculated next to the Bet button. Hit Bet. Double check that your selections and stake are correct. Hit Confirm.


Making changes to your selections once the Super 6 bet slip is on the screen will not update your bet slip with your changes. Please press the Clear Slip button on the bet slip and make your changes to your quaddie selections then press the Bet button again.


Want to learn about the nitty gritty details?

Check our our Super 6 Terms and Conditions.

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