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How do I stream Live Racing?

Never miss a minute of racing! Live racing us available on all Victorian & South Australian thoroughbred racing and can be accessed by clicking on the play icon on the racing event page. 

Who is eligible to watch the Live Streams?

To be eligible to watch our live racing in Victoria and South Australia, you will need to have placed a deposit in your Sportsbet account.

How do I watch the Live Streams?

Live Racing Streaming is available on the race cards with the watch icon as in the below example.


To access the Live Racing stream, click the play icon at the top of the racecard


Clicking this and having fulfilled the depositing & logged in criteria above, the live racing stream will appear.


Why can't I watch the Live Streams?

There could be a number of reasons why you can't access our live sports streams, make sure you:

  1. Are logged in and meet the qualifiyng criteria
  2. If you are connected to Wi-Fi, unfortunately our streaming services are not compatibiltiy with ipv6 connections
  3. If you are trying to watch from outside Australia, some live spots streams may be geo-blocked due to rights restrictions

Will watching the Live Stream use a lot of mobile data?

We recommend that you use Wi-Fi (or have enough mobile data) to stream matches as using mobile data may result in high data usage. 


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