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Results will be based on the official result at ringside. Results are not official for betting purposes until verified by officials at the fighting venue. If for some reason this cannot be clarified, then and only then will reference will be made to for settlement purposes. Should an official or unofficial sanctioning body overturn a fight decision based on an appeal, suspension, lawsuit, drug testing result, or any other fighter sanction will not be recognized for betting purposes.

For full Term's and Conditions, refer to the Sportsbet Rules Terms and Conditions page.

KO - Knockout

A boxer loses by way knockout or KO when he or she is unable to get up unassisted after being floored by the count of ten.

TKO - Technical Knockout

A boxer loses by technical knockout or TKO if the referee intercedes and stops the fight declaring them unable to continue because of bad cuts or bruises, they cannot go on or cannot defend themselves.

DQ - Disqualificaiton

A referee can call for disqualification after a boxer repeatedly fouls or breaks the rules causing the boxer to lose by DQ.

UD - Unanimous Decision

A unanimous decision occurs when all three judges agree on a winner. Example: 116-114, 116-114, 115-113

SD - Split Decision

A split decision occurs when two of the three judges score one boxer as the winner, while the third judge scores the other boxer as the winner. Example: 116-114, 116-114, 113-115

MD - Majority Decision

A majority decision occurs when two of the three judges score one boxer as the winner, while the third judge scores neither boxer a winner (a draw). Example: 116-114, 116-114, 114-114

TD - Technical Decision

If an intentional foul causes an injury and the injury results in the fight being stopped in a latter round, the fight will result in a Technical Draw if the injured boxer is behind or even on the score cards.

Knocked Down

A knockdown occurs when a boxer get hits and touches the floor with any part of the his body other than his feet, is being held up by the ropes, or is hanging on, through, or over the ropes and cannot protect himself or fall to the floor.

Go the Distance

A boxer goes the distance when he can fight through all the scheduled rounds.

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