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Why did my handicap Bet on the NFL not get paid?

In the event of the scores being level following the handicap being applied, the result is a 'push' and all stakes are refunded.
If you place a Bet on Minnesota +3 v Green Bay -3; and the result is: Minnesota 27-30 Green Bay, your Bet will be refunded as it is a 'push'.

  • This excludes Bets placed Live.
  • If a 'Handicap Draw' price is offered, the 'push' rule does not apply. In this case should a result end in a Handicap Draw only bets placed on the Handicap Draw are settled as winners.
  • All Match Betting markets include overtime. In the event of a tie following Overtime, all stakes are refunded.

Do Bets on the NFL include Overtime?

Overtime does not count on quarter or half specific markets, but counts for all other NFL markets unless stated otherwise.

Why did my Stake get refunded?

In the event of a tie following Overtime, all stakes are refunded.

This applies to:

  • Proposition bets where the game is abandoned, unless a result is already determined through the course of play that has taken place.
  • Handicap Betting
  • Match Betting
  • Second Half Markets which do include Overtime if played.
  • Please Note: Overtime does not count on quarter markets

If you place Match Bet on Arizona v Seattle and the game was TIED 10-10 and went into Overtime and still finished up as a draw 10 - 10 your Bet will be a VOID and your Stake will be refunded.

If you place a 4 leg multi on the NFL and your results were WIN, WIN, LOSS, VOID (due to the draw) you would not be eligible for the Bonus Bet return as per the promotion terms and conditions.

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