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Fancy a punt on the horse but want to know more? Sportbet's Thoroughbred Short Form Guide contains all the information you need to pick between a filly and a flop.

  • It's available for Australian and New Zealand Races 
  • It's available on Mobile only

Where Can I Find Short Form?

You can find the Short Form on a Horse by clicking on its name from an event page.

What Info Does Short Form Show?

 Best Bets Win Tip

 - This shows if the selection is in Best Bets 'Expert Tips'. If selection shows #1 it is their 'Win Tip', #2 or #3 for their 'Place Tip'.

 Expected Settling Position

- This estimates where in the track the horse will settle in the run. If you swap to Long Form and look at the Speed Map you can see this visually.

 Last Start

 - This shows when the horses last race was and how they went.

 Price Fluctuations

 - A graph that displays the fixed odds price movements of the runner.


 - This is a rating out of 100 for the runner's average performance based on previous times as well as their win / place ratio.





What are Speed Maps?

Our animated Speed Maps show where the horse is expected to settle in the run. They also show the likely pace of a race e.g. the more horses at the front of the speed map, the more 'pace' in the race, the more at the back then the less.

Where do I find Speed Maps?

Speed Maps can be accessed by scrolling further down the race card and opening the 'Speed Map' down arrow.

How do I use Speed Maps?

Speed Maps can be replayed by tapping the 'replay' button.
Horses closer to the left of screen are deemed slower while horses closer to the right of screen are deemed faster. When a horse is scratched or has no speed available this will be indicated by text next to the box number.


Want more info on a Horse's Form?

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