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Fancy a punt on the dishlickers and wish you knew more? Sportsbet's greyhound short form guide, contains all the information you need to pick a winner from a whelp.

  • It's available for most Australian Races 
  • Speedmaps are available on Mobile only.


Where do I find Greyhound Form?

To access the short form guide, tap the individual runner name in the greyhound race card. Once you tap the runner name, the window will expand with detailed information on each runner.


What does Greyhound Form show?

  • Rating - Based on their previous time and win/place ratio
  • Trainer - A person who is registered to train, kennel, nominate and race a greyhound.
  • Owner - A person/s registered by GRV for the purpose of owning a registered greyhound eligible to be nominated for a race or event.
  • Rating - Takes into account current form and consistency
  • Sire - A stud dog that is the registered father of a specific greyhound.
  • Dam - A Brood Matron that is the registered mother of a specific greyhound.
  • Last 6 - The dogs finishing position for its last six races.
  • Win % - Percentage of races this dog has won.
  • Place % - Percentage of races this dog has placed.
  • Career - Number of career starts, and the amount of win, second, and third places.
  • Prize Money - The amount of money the runner has earned in winnings shown in AUD.
  • Track/Dist - Number of starts on today's races track, at this distance, and the amount of wins, second place, or third placings at this same track and distance.
  • Best Time - The dogs best time.
  • NBT - No best time.
  • FSH - First start here
  • Whelped - Date of Birth
  • Weight - Weight of greyhound in kilos
  • Dog Comments - Individual runner comments providing an individual review on each dog.

How do I use Speedmaps?

  • Speedmaps are available for Australian races only.
  • If it's a dogs maiden race, no Speedmap form will be available for them.
  • Speedmaps will only appear when there are 4 or more dogs running.


  • Speedmaps can be accessed by scrolling further down the race card and opening the 'Speedmap' down arrow.
  • Speedmaps can be replayed by tapping the 'replay' button.
  • The Sportsbet Greyhound Speedmaps represent indicative early speed based on previous first sectional times.
  • Dogs closest to the left of screen are deemed slower while dogs closer to the right of screen are deemed faster.
  • When a dog is scratched or has no speed available this will be indicated by text next to the box number.


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