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Yes! Club administrators can allow members who are on a hot streak to continue placing bets on behalf of the club.

The Hot Streak is determined if club members are able to double, triple, or quadruple their returns.

For example, if you bet $100 in your round and the return is $200, then you have 'doubled'  your return for the club.

  • Bets need to have been settled within the round to be calculated towards the member's Hot Streak.
  • The turn does not rotate to the next person but a new betting round begins with the existing member who meets the Hot Streak criteria.
  • Hot Streak is only available in 'Daily' and 'Weekly' rotation clubs.
  • The stake limit is reset to the stake limit defined in the club rules
  • Bonus bets are not included in the calculation
  • Hot Streak can only be enabled by the Punters Club owner or administrator


  1. Hot Streak is only applicable for clubs that have a 'Daily' or 'Weekly'  which can be set when first .

  2. Hot Streak can also be enabled for already active Punters Clubs under the Settings page.


  3. Under Club Settings click on Change Hot Streak ROI


  4. Select the Hot Streak ROI preferred from Doubled (100%), Tripled (200%), or Quadrupled (300%) of ROI.


  5. Once you have decided the preferred Hot Streak ROI ensure to click Update Hotsteak ROI.


  6. The change will only come into effect from the next betting round.
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