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Heads Up
  • If your Punters Club was created before 30th of May, your club will be under legacy rules where you set contribution settings and rules.
  • If your Punters Club was created after the 30th of May, your club will be under the new rules, where all members contribute once and members can bet at any time.
Important Information
  • When you are betting with Bonus Bets in your Punters Club it must be your turn.
  • If more than one person is betting at a time, anyone in the current turn can use the Bonus Bet.
  • You can only use a Bonus Bet if you haven't already spent all your funds for the turn.
Offers are only available to:
  1. Members who are Australian or New Zealand residents and capable of viewing publicly available Sportsbet promotional advertising material; and
  2. Members who receive an Offer that is specifically addressed to that Member and the Offer is only available to and capable of being redeemed by that Member.



Inside your Bet Slip, under Account Switcher, select the Punters Club you wish to Bet from. You can see underneath each account how much you have available to Bet with.


Click on the Bonus Bet button and select the Bonus Bet you'd like to use. Make sure you leave the Stake as $0.00 (unless you wish to increase the Stake amount with additional funds).



Click Bet. Double check your Bet, and then hit Confirm.

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