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What is Long Form?

Our Thoroughbred Long Form shows a detailed race-by-race history for all runners in races.

  • Career: Number of career starts, and the amount of win, second, and third places. This shows not just how successfully the horse has been but also how heavily it has been raced. In the above example, in 11 races 'Northern Revenge' has won none, came second in two and came third in three.
  • Track: the number of times this horse has raced on this track before - this statistic is more important for race tracks with distinctive features such as tight turns.
  • Distance: the horse's form over the same distance as this race - expressed as # starts: # 1st, #2nd, #3rd.
  • Good: the horse's form racing on track surfaces rated as Good.
  • Win %: percentage of wins from all starts.
  • Place %: percentage of places from all starts.
  • Prize Money: total prize money won by the horse in AUD.
  • 1st Up: the horse's form in the first race back after any breaks.
  • 2nd Up: the horse's form in the second race back after any breaks.
  • 3rd Up: the horse's form in the third race back after any breaks.

Where do I find a Horse's Long Form?

Once you've got the Short Form open from clicking on its name from an event page, click on the 'View Long Form' button at the bottom of the Short Form.


Where do I find Sectionals?

Once you're in Long Form, click the Sectionals tab.

What do Sectionals show?

Sectionals allow you to see race info based on a variety of different filters. You can filter for most recent runs, different tracks and sort the information by what is most relevant.


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