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Your account will be deemed to be an inactive account if you have not made a deposit or placed a Bet for a period of more than 18 months. To keep your account open, there will a $10 administration Fee per month deducted from your account balance.

Please note that your account balance will not drop below $0.00

You can avoid the fee by:
•     Placing a Bet
•     Withdrawing all of your Bet Winnings - You will need to be verified via My Account before you can Withdraw.    

How will I know if I will be charged a fee?

•     You will receive an email on the 3rd Tuesday of every month if you haven’t Withdrawn or Bet your funds.
•     The fee will be deducted automatically 28 days after you receive notification via email.

Viewing the fee in My Account:
Go to My Account Transaction History, the fee will be labelled as ‘Dormant Account Fee’ under Transaction Details.


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