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  • If your Punters Club was created before 30th of May, your club will be under legacy rules where you set contribution settings and rules.
  • If your Punters Club was created after the 30th of May, your club will be under the new rules, where all members contribute once and members can bet at any time.

The amount you contribute to a Punters Club will depend on if it is a Weekly or Once-Off Contribution Punters Club and if you have enough funds in your personal Sportsbet account.

You need to make sure there is enough money in your personal Sportsbet account to contribute to a Punters Club.

Punters Club will attempt to transfer the contribution amount at the beginning of every Bet turn. If successful, you will be made active.



Weekly Contribution Clubs
The amount you contribute in a weekly contribution club (not Once-Off) will change depending on the time left in the contribution period and betting turn. You can still contribute to a Weekly club even if you don't have enough funds in your personal Sportsbet account. If there is enough money in your share of winnings, your contribution will be taken from your winnings (and you will remain active in the Club).

For example, if it is a weekly contribution club with a daily Bet turn and the inactive member deposits on day 5, then Punters Club will only draw 2/7 of the contribution amount required to become active. For a weekly contribution-weekly Bet Punters Club, even if a Deposit has been made at some point during the week, the member will still have to sit out the week (i.e. remain inactive) and wait for the next Bet turn to become an active member.



Once-Off Contribution Clubs
The full contribution amount set in the Club Rules needs to be contributed to become active.

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