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Million Dollar Tipping Frequently Asked Questions

Sportsbet is proud to support Australia’s love of footy tipping competitions. History shows top 10 prize winners do not need to know much about the sport so it pays to have a crack at both the AFL and NRL competitions. With $10,000 cash on offer every round of the season for both AFL and NRL tipping and $20,000 cash each for the two end of season winners there is no excuse not to join!

NRL Million Dollar Tipping is back for 2020!

Due to the uncertainty surrounding future schedule changes and the remainder of the 2020 season, there are some slight changes to the remainder of the tipping season:

  1. You will only be able to submit your tips week to week.
  2. Any saved tips you have completed already for future rounds have been cleared.

AFL Million Dollar Tipping is currently still on hold.

How do I join and register?

It is free to join and play Million Dollar Tipping. Simply follow the below steps

Step 1: Become a member of (if you're not already)

Go to our Join Now page and register your name, address, contact details, date or birth and choose a user name and password for yourself. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Step 2: Give yourself a nickname, select your favourite team,  set your notification preferences and select your tipping competitions

Now that you're a member, log in and visit your Tipping Profile. Give yourself a nickname (which will appear on the ladder), select the tipping competitions you wish to enter and your favourite team (if you have one). Now click register and you're good to go. Happy tipping!

Does it cost to join and play?

No. It is free to join and free to play Million Dollar Tipping.

I'm trying to register but it says my nickname is taken?

Each member has a unique nickname. If the system says your nickname is taken, please use a different nickname. E.g. If you enter 'Jonno' and it's taken, try entering a variation like "JonnoLovesDonuts"

Can I create multiple tipping accounts for myself?

No. strictly allows one account per member. Any member identified with more than one account may be disqualified from the competition. Members can participate in multiple Private Competitions but can only submit one set of each tips each rounds which covers all competitions of which you are a member.

Do I need to join and re-register each year?

No. Each year when you login to your account with your username and password you will be able to re-activate your tipping account for the year with your original nickname.

Which competition(s) am I a part of?

Everyone who registers for any of’s tipping competitions will be automatically part of the public competition(s) and eligible for prizes.

The public competition(s) will display under the Comps Menu. E.g. Public – AFL or Public – NRL. You will be part of the weekly and overall ladders.

Can I change my Tips?

Yes. You can change your tips or alter your Winning Margin any time before the start of any given match. Remember to press the Submit/Update button any time you change your tips or winning margin.

How do private competitions work?

Members can create Private Competitions for their workplace, family, friends or even their local club. You can invite as many friends as you like to join your private competition and you will have your own private ladder which can be viewed separately to the main ladder. You will have both a weekly and overall ladder to help you manage your competitions.

Visit our Comps page (you must login to view this page) and follow the instructions on how to create and or join a private competition.

How can I delete a competition, or remove a person from a private competition?

Each Private Competition has an Administrator. The Administrator can remove people from the competition and also give administration rights to other members. On your Comps page click the 'cog' icon to edit/delete a competition or alternatively navigate through to the competition and click the 'pencil' icon to make changes.

Do I need to place a bet with

No. Members are not obliged to place wagers with supports Responsible Gambling and has special account management provisions to help members stay in control.

What prizes are available?

$20,000 Weekly Cash Prizes Every Round!

The best tippers in each round of the AFL and NRL season will share $20,000 in cash prizes ($10,000 per code each round).

Weekly Prize Breakdown

There's $10,000 for each AFL and NRL round of the season. Share in $7,500 if you get all the tips correct (or the highest amount of tips correct in a round), it doesn't matter what margin you get! Plus, of those who get the highest tips correct in the round, those that get the lowest margin will share in an additional $2,500!

Bonus Bets

We will hand out over $320,000 in bonus bets throughout the tipping season.

End of Season Prizes

A $20,000 cash deposit is awarded to each of the best AFL and NRL tipper of the year. Finish in the top 250 at the end of the season to win a prize!




$     20,000


$     15,000


$     10,000


$       7,500


$       5,000


$       3,000


$       2,000


$       1,500


$       1,000


$          500

11 to 50

$          300

51 to 100

$          200

101 to 150

$          100

151 to 200

$            50

201 to 250

$            25

Is everyone eligible for prizes?

Yes. As long as members have complied with Sportsbet Membership Obligations and complied with the Million Dollar Tipping Terms & Conditions then all registered footy tippers are eligible for prizes.

In summary, the main points to be aware of include - you can only have one account and you will need to verify your ID before claiming any prizes. Verification is a Government requirement and of course, you will need to win a prize to receive a prize so don't forget to submit your tips!

How are prizes paid for winners?

Cash and Bonus Bet prizes are paid into Member's accounts.

How do I change notification preferences?

Log-in and visit the profile page. You will see ticks next to the notifications you are receiving. If you wish to opt into a notification simply check the box. If you wish to unsubscribe then uncheck the box. Don't forget to ensure you save your preferences once done.

What notifications are available?

Tips Reminder: This email is sent each Friday (earlier if the match is prior to a Friday) to remind you to submit your tips.

Tips Results: This email confirms how many tips you successfully selected for the previous round. 

How is the Margin calculated?

To make it even more competitive the way margin is calculated has been changed.

"Margin Difference" means the number of points between the margin entered by the Registered Participant for the team they tip to win for a Margin Match and the actual margin for the match. If the Registered Participant has correctly tipped the winning team for the Margin Match, the Margin Difference will equal the difference between the actual margin and the margin entered by the Registered Participant. If the Registered Participant has incorrectly tipped the winning team for the Margin Match, the Margin Difference will equal the total of the actual winning margin plus the margin entered by the Registered Participant. For example: If Team A defeats Team B by 10 points, and you have selected Team A to win by 20 points, your Margin Difference for that Round is 10; and if you have selected Team B to win by 20 points, your Margin Difference for that Round is 30

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